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Best Survival Game

This time you will fight for your and anothers’ life. Thus you must be stronger than all. Because it is a hero’s job. Everybody can be a hounds soldier but can not be a hero. As you know every war has a hero and also this war! This war is between Hounds Crew and Wickbrokes. We will fight for human race and win this figt for every of us. If we can not, they will occupy our beautiful world and destroy us.

Hounds Online is best of tps games. Hounds has lot of weapons, armors and skills, mission system, archievement system, in-game support system, pvp and pve modes, charachters, classses and more. There is no reason to not play this survival game. Now try it out! Register now and see what happens in Hounds the zombie game. Hounds Online is best of its genre and all other game genres.